There are at least 8 good reasons to choose SLI street LED lamps:

* 1 - minimum lasting of the LEDs we use: 20 (twenty) years;

LEDs, we are using, have an operational life time of 100,000 hours or more. This means that, when our street LED lamp works 12 hours/day, the LEDs,  inside, will have a minimum span life of 20 years and estimated of 24 years and more. After 20 years, their efficiency will still be about 80%. In practice, maintenance costs reduced to zero;

* 2 - very high reliability:

all components have been selected among the best on the market and are produced from the best manufacturers in the world, where quality is the main factor for the maintenance of their success;

* 3 - very high resistance to severe weather conditions:

each street LED lamp is able to operate from - 40 ° C to + 60 ° C of ambient temperature and to ruggedly withstand the worst weather conditions (storms and very strong winds). All our street LED lamps have an IP67 protection grade;

* 4 - excellent protection against static charges:

our lamp contains, in its interior, a circuit able to protect, in a very effective way, the power supply and the LEDs against the static charges, which are generated in particular weather conditions;

* 5 - minimum energy savings of 60% (typical 70-80%) compared to conventional lights:

sodium vapor lamps or mercury lamps, used up to-day, have an average life time of 5 to 10,000 hours, they consume several times more energy, they create light pollution and require high maintenance costs for service and replacement;

* 6 - outstanding performance/price ratio:

the innovative solutions employed, along with decades of experience in buying the best components at the best prices, make real that our products have a performance/price ratio out of the norm;

* 7 - extremely competitive price:

our SLI street LED lamps have the best prices in the world. This is due to the use of modern technology, optimization of technical solutions and the will of SLI to meet the needs of emerging countries by offering to them high quality products at extremely competitive prices;

* 8 - direct sale from the producer to the end user:

in order to make our products more competitive and in order to follow even better our customers, we made the decision to provide the end user directly, with direct sales from producer to consumer. There is no intermediary, so the user saves even more.


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