If innovation means the use of very advanced components and if they are, as they say, the "state of the art" of the technology, then SLI is a very innovative company.

If innovation means thinking first about the environment and safeguard the people who live, then SLI can proudly claim to have taken the right path. SLI street LED lamps enable energy savings ranging from a minimum of 60% to a typical of 70-80% or more. SLI street LED lamps do not contain harmful   materials for the environment and for the man, such as lead and mercury. SLI is a company that has put the respect for the ambient at the first place.

Water, air and light are primary goods, on which it is not humanly possible and justifiable to speculate. SLI, careful of the needs of developing countries, first in the world, offers its street LED lamps in a several environment, looking for the minimum profit for itself, but, first, the satisfaction of the people which want to satisfy a basic need with reliable, low cost and long life devices. May we call this innovation?


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