The production. SLI claims to be able to cover, with its production, most of the needs of street lighting and not only. The production begins with very good street LED lights, extremely competitive priced, to move to the production of really efficient and high performing LED lamps, up to the latest generation of street lights, which can be driven wireless, remotely. Without forgetting those that may operate, by  battery, in areas without electricity. Some very important things. SLI manages to be extremely competitive for the absolute absence of intermediate steps. This is the key in the preference given by the clients. The customer buys directly from the manufacturer. In addition, the production is effected after the order has been acquired, there is no inventory, which would result in a burdening the final sale price.

The most requested items, with their prices, without VAT and with VAT, are as follows:

SLI-1 just Euro 269,67 without VAT     
SLI-1 just Euro 329,00 VAT included

The specifications can be found at the bottom of this list, even with suggestions on how to choose and the prices of all other items in production.

SLI-1-XP60 just Euro 335,25 without VAT
SLI-1-XP60 just Euro 409,00 VAT included

SLI-1-XP100 just Euro 491,00 without VAT
SLI-1-XP100 just Euro 599,00 VAT included

SLI-1-12/24V* just Euro 327,05 without VAT
SLI-1-12/24V* just Euro 399,00 VAT included
*photovoltaic panel, battery and its charger excluded.

The specifications, with related photos, can be viewed by clicking on this link below:

2015 SLI Catalog

How to choose the streetlights. Simple. You can choose them according to the height of the pole, according to the light intensity to be obtained, and depending on the use for which they will be destined.

For pole heights from 3 to 4 m, choose a SLI-1 lamp.
For pole heights from 4 to 8 m, choose a SLI-1-XP60 lamp.
For pole heights from 8 to 12 m, choose a SLI-1-XP100 lamp.

In the case we want to double the light intensity of a SLI-1-XP60 lamp, we'll opt for a SLI-2-XP60. If that were not enough, we must consider a SL4-XP60 (4xSLI-1-XP60). The same applies for the streetlights SLI-1-XP100.

Choice based on usage. In the case of road use (asymmetrical shape, rectangular, on the road), we will add to the name of the article the suffix-ST (street).
In the case of general use (car parks of supermarkets, warehouses, night clubs, etc.), we will add the suffix -GP (general use). The shape will be symmetrical or circular.
Anyway, to spare you this hassle, in the price list, which you can find below, the products are already listed with the suffix ST or GP.

SLI-1-12/24V. As mentioned above, the lamp comes with its DC-DC converter, inserted inside the frame, which provides to convert the battery voltage to a voltage suitable to operate the LED module. With such a lamp, are not provided, as a basic choice, nor the photovoltaic panel, nor the battery with its charger. This decision arises from several reasons. In the first place to not weigh on the final customer a logical reloading and transport costs, which he could avoid purchasing these devices locally. Secondly, it is not easy to make stock and carry both batteries and photovoltaic panels.

The conclusion. If you are interested in buying a lamp that lasts several years, without giving you troubles, which does not require service and has superb reliability, we are here, happy to help and support you. At all times.

Here is the link for the full price list, from producer to consumer, without interference, nor steps:

Download SLI price list!

We are at your complete disposal to answer all your questions, technical and not, that you will ask. We sincerely thank the attention that you have given us!

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